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  • Smiles Captured On Canvas, On Tin, And In Stone

    Posted on in Educational

    You can’t help but think of the “Mona Lisa” when asked to name a famous smile. Da Vinci’s portrait has a smile that has captured imagination for centuries. It’s not the only smile in seen through the ages on canvas, stone, and tintype photographs, though. And, while the mediums and eras were different, there are …
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  • How A Simple Smile Changes Everything

    Posted on in Cosmetic
    Oral Cancer

    When we’re happy, we smile. When we’re angry, we frown. That’s the order of how it happens, isn’t it? We feel something, and our expression shows it. Or is that the way it works, after all? The face isn’t a pressure-relief valve. It is more like a thermostat. — John Cloud, Time Magazine Is it …
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  • Build The Perfect After-School Snack For Kids

    Posted on in Children, Food & Health

    School is starting, and that means kids are going to want something to snack on after school. We want to have something ready that’s healthy, but we don’t want to get too carried away and spoil their appetite before dinner. We need a food that they’ll want to eat that’s packed with nutrients and will …
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  • Perfect Teeth And The Golden Ratio

    Posted on in Cosmetic

    What does the number 1.618 have to do with anything? 1.618 is known as the Golden Ratio, and it’s a mathematical proportion that is known to be extremely pleasing to the human eye. This ratio has been found in art, architecture, music and nature time and time again. It even crops up in black holes. …
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  • Finding The Perfect Toothpaste

    Posted on in Family

    The toothpaste aisle at the store is a bit daunting. There seems to be an endless selection of brands, flavors, and kinds of toothpaste. Some say they are for whitening, others are for cavity control, and others proclaim they are for sensitive teeth. How do you choose a toothpaste with all of these options? Are …
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  • How Your Medications Affect Your Oral Health

    Posted on in Food & Health

    We know that medicine can have side effects, but how they affect our oral health might not seem like an important consideration. This is not the case. Oral health has a major impact on our overall health, as studies continue to reveal. The medications you might be taking that are bringing you relief for other health …
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