Your Teeth ARE What You Eat: The Structure Of Your Mouth

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Teeth and jaws differ in animals based on how and what those animals eat.

Herbivores and Carnivores

Cows are designed for chewing vegetables and grass, and so their teeth are flat and broad, and their jaws move far from left to right. They need to grind up the vegetable matter in order to get all the nutrition they can out of it.

Dogs and cats have jaws that are designed to eat meat, so there is no left and right motion in their jaw. Their teeth are set up so that they are shearing across each other, much like a scissors.

Human Teeth Have Both

Our jaws can go left and right, unlike a dog or a cat, but not as far as a cow. Our back teeth are designed for crushing and grinding, while our teeth towards the front are designed for cutting and slicing.

Dog’s Teeth

I brought a friend to demonstrate how dogs’ jaws work.

Note the canine teeth for grabbing and holding. Dogs hunt larger animals in packs, and grab on in groups to bring the larger animal down. These pointed grabbing teeth allow for that. Note how the teeth are more scissor-like the further back you go. This is because dogs eat meat, which does not need to be ground up. All they need to do is break off chunks of food that they can swallow.

If you have questions about your dog’s teeth, you should see a veterinarian. If you have questions about your own teeth, you should see a dentist.