Are Wisdom Teeth Really A Problem?

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Wisdom teeth are the last tooth in the mouth on each side. They usually come in around ages 16 to 20.

Why Might They Be A Problem?

Wisdom teeth can be a problem for a number of reasons. They are the last to come in, and as such, there might be a lack of space. They can also become trapped, and create pockets that allow bacteria and other bad things to come in around them.

Do I Need To Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

People may wonder if everyone should have their wisdom teeth removed. That’s really a per-person situation. Some people have enough room and are able to keep them clean, but most people are not.

It’s important to have your dentist take a look at them around age 16. After age 29 the chances for complications goes up, so if there are no issues with the wisdom teeth, it’s best to leave them in.

Will I Be Awake During Removal?

Removing wisdom teeth is a standard operation, often done by an oral surgeon. There are two options for patients: you can be under anesthesia, or you don’t have to be. That’s a personal preference.