5 New Year’s Resolutions Your Teeth Want You To Make

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woman-brushingIn just a few days, the new year will be upon us. Many of you will decide upon a few resolutions, a few changes, you’d like to make in your life for the coming year. What if your teeth could have a say in your resolutions? They might look something like this:

1. Stop drinking soda. Soda is hurting your teeth, even the diet soda. Fruit juice is another culprit, as are just about any beverage other than water. If you can’t stop, do cut back. Do chase it with water to rinse your mouth out. And definitely don’t sip soda all day long.

2. No more hard candies. Hard candies and cough drops (and other foods, like popcorn, ice) have a high propensity for chipping and damaging your teeth. They also deposit lots of sugar that sits against your teeth for a long period of time. Along the same line, using your teeth as tools for opening packages or tearing thread is doing plenty of damage, too.

3. Stop smoking. If you’re a smoker, you probably have this on your list already. Smoking, besides being very unhealthy for your body, causes discoloration of your teeth and other damage to your oral health.

4. Floss. Please. Flossing is very necessary, even if you regularly brush your teeth. It helps remove damaging plaque from hard-to-reach places your regular brushing misses. Flossing makes regular cleanings and checkups a breeze, because you’ve been keeping up and not waiting for an intensive cleaning and possible cavities to set in.

5. Visit your dentist. Visiting your dentist regularly will save you money (and distress) in the long run. Visit twice a year unless your dentist says otherwise. Skipping the dentist isn’t doing your teeth any favors.

What are your teeth telling you? Visit your dentist and get a better idea of what they might need.