Teeth Or Not: Are Dentures The Best Answer?

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Keeping our real teeth by taking care of them is worth it in the long run.

“To have teeth, or not to have teeth, dear Hamlet.”

That is the question, and dentures are seldom the answer.

Many times a patient will come into my office and indicate that they think all of their dental problems will be over if they could just get dentures. In fact, some think they never have to go to a dentist again if they have dentures. Both assumptions are incorrect.

Maintaining Your Dentures

A person with dentures should be checked every year not only for oral cancer, but for several negative side affects that wearing dentures can cause. This includes things such as yeast infections to fibromas.

The bone in the jaw is held in place by the teeth; when the teeth are taken away, the bone begins to disappear as well. This can cause a denture that fits well at first to become a denture that doesn’t fit at all. Remember, dentures stay in place by suction, which works fairly well on the top of the mouth, but not as well on the bottom. Plus, the tongue and other muscles are found on the bottom, which creates instability for the lower denture.

Real Teeth Are Always Better

There are several ways to make dentures better, but if a person is able to keep their teeth by taking care of them, or choosing to have implants if the need arose, they tend to be much more satisfied with their dental situation, and able to enjoy eating. Some foods are difficult to eat and enjoy with dentures.

In other words… “I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have uncomfortable dentures that plague my eating.”