A Dental Implant, Personified

Posted on in Cosmetic

DI have been put in my place.

The site was prepared six months earlier by removal of the tooth and placement of a mineral substrate protected by a collagen plug. It has taken six months for the bone to grow in properly. Bone grows slowly, you see, and the collagen plug protected the bone substrate from invasion by the fast growing soft tissue of the gums.

For the next six months, the bone I have been placed into will grow in tightly around me.

The titanium oxide layer on my body will encourage the bone to grown in tight next to me so I will be firm and can support a denture, bridge, or tooth. I could have been placed when the tooth was first removed, but that would have been risky. The chance that the bone would not heal in around me would be higher. I could have even had a crown or denture placed on top of me right away, but the risk of failure would have been higher still.

For me and the one I will serve, the slow path was the best. No need to rush when caution is better.