Are Braces Right For Me?

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Dr. Johnson The Smile Center BracesYou may need to consider braces if your teeth are crooked or out of alignment. Braces can not only help improve your smile and make your teeth straighter, they can also improve your overall dental health. Untreated orthodontic problems can make it hard to bite and chew and can even interfere with eating.

Patients also commonly benefit from braces when they have an abnormal bite that needs to be corrected.  A bad bite may also make you prone to cavities or gum disease because it may be hard to clean your teeth.

Braces come in many different styles, including tooth-colored plastic braces or traditional metal braces that come in a variety of colors. Sometimes a removable plastic retainer may be all a patient needs to correct teeth placement in the mouth. Talk to your dentist about what might be right for you.