Are Diamonds A Dentist’s Best Friend?

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DiamondsWhen people talk about diamonds, most often they are referring to wedding rings or other types of jewelry. However, Dr. Dean Ho, from the UCLA School of Denistry, may have found another use for diamonds. Nanodiamonds that is.

A nanodiamond is about four to five nanometers in diameter and invisible to the human eye. These nanodiamonds have certain properties that can deliver bone growth-promoting proteins more effectively than the methods doctors and dentists currently use.

In the dental office, when patients get dental implants, there is often bone loss that occurs near the implants. Currently, dentists use bulky collagen sponges to deliver proteins that help prevent bone loss. With nanodiamonds, those proteins could be delivered much less invasive manner such as an oral rinse or an injection.

Nanodiamonds are still being researched for their possible uses in dentistry and other medical fields, so it may be a few years before you see them in your dentists’ office. However, the possibilities are very promising to aid patients who have dental implants or are hoping to have dental implants.

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