Are Lasers Used In Dentistry?

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Lasers are the stuff of science fiction, space exploration, and dentistry.

How Are Lasers Used?

A laser can do many things in a dental setting. It can remove tissue in a fine and controlled way. This will often replace a scalpel in many procedures, and it seals as it cuts for fast healing and less bleeding.

Do Lasers Hurt?

People often wonder if lasers hurt when they are used. Lasers can trick the nervous system into feeling less or no pain, although many times I will use anesthetic when I am using a laser.

Why Use A Laser?

There are several benefits to using a laser in a dental setting. They promote faster healing for patients. In addition, they can help reduce sensitivity in teeth by causing the pulp fingers to pull back from the dentin.

This is Dr. Aaron Johnson helping you feel better about your smile. And don’t forget to floss.