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  • Are Braces Right For Me?

    Posted on in Children, Family

    You may need to consider braces if your teeth are crooked or out of alignment. Braces can not only help improve your smile and make your teeth straighter, they can also improve your overall dental health. Untreated orthodontic problems can make it hard to bite and chew and can even interfere with eating. Patients also …
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  • Pregnancy Gingivitis

    Posted on in News

    Women experience many changes during pregnancy, including changes in their dental health. Many women will experience pregnancy gingivitis, a swelling of the gums, as well as increased sensitivity in their gums. In severe cases of pregnancy gingivitis, an overgrowth on the gum tissue, called a ‘pregnancy tumor’, may occur, most often in the second trimester.  …
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  • Should I be concerned about gum disease?

    Posted on in Educational

    It may seem improbable for someone you know to have periodontal (gum) disease. However, the condition is quite common. In fact, the surgeon general reported that 80 percent of the adult population has some form of gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis. Combine this with alarming statistics on the effects of gum disease related to …
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  • How does pop affect my teeth?

    Posted on in Educational, Food & Health, News

    Drinking pop can cause problems for your dental health. The sugar in pop combines with bacteria in your mouth to create an acid that attacks your teeth. Each acid attack lasts about 20 minutes and begins again with every sip, eroding tooth enamel. This can lead to cavities. Even diet pop can be damaging because …
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  • Does Dental Health Really Affect My Heart?

    Posted on in Educational, Food & Health

    Brushing and flossing may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of cardiovascular disease prevention, but recent research suggests that people who suffer from severe gum disease are almost twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Bacteria known to cause some forms of heart disease are the same as those …
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  • How to Brush a Baby’s Teeth

    Posted on in Family

    Brushing a Baby’s Teeth Click on this Link to Watch Dr. J show how to Brush a Baby’s Teeth. A special thanks to Dr. J’s son for being a very willing model for this demonstration!