How Does Obamacare Effect Dentistry?

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Affordable Care ActThe Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare is starting to take effect and many people are wondering how it will effect dentistry. While there are many different parts of this law, and it is very complex to take apart to see, here are a few highlights that effect the dental world.

Dental coverage is now a requirement for all medical insurance for people age 19 and younger. What does his mean? This means that because of Obamacare over 3 million children can be eligible for dental insurance coverage who did not have it before.

When you read the small print however, there are a few things to look at more closely. The Obamacare law requires that pediatric dental benefits be offered through each state’s health insurance marketplace, but there is no requirement that people actually purchase this coverage as part of their medical insurance. Some medical insurance plans include the dental coverage for children as part of the plan, but some insurance plans have it as an add on that people may purchase separately.

Another part of the Obamacare law to look at more closely, is that for those people who have dental benefits as part of their medical insurance plan, they may have a deductible. This means that for those people with combined medical and dental insurance, they must first pay the deductible before any insurance coverage is available. A deductible could be $2,000 or higher for these plans, where as a deductible for a dental only insurance plan would be much less.

The Obamacare law is very complex, so it is very important to read through your insurance information very carefully to fully understand your coverage. Many children will now have access to dental care because of Obamacare, but parents should be careful to see exactly how to best use this coverage for their children’s benefit.