How Should I Respond To Tooth Trauma?

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There are several things that happen when a person is hit around the jaw or face area, including the damage or loss of a tooth

A Tooth Is Knocked Out

If a tooth is knocked out, the best thing is to get to the dentist as soon as possible. Until we’re able to get to the dentist, the tooth should be placed in milk or, if nothing else is available, water. Some pharmacies will have something called Ringer’s solution, though it is likely going to be difficult to find. If Ringer’s solution is available, however, it is a better choice than milk. Because time is such a factor, the best bet is to get to the dentist as quickly as possible.

A Tooth Is Fractured Or Broken

If a tooth is hit, sometimes it will fracture. This fracture might be where it doesn’t involve the root of the tooth, or it might be all the way through where it involves the root of the tooth. If a tooth is bleeding from the inside, the root of the tooth is involved and will usually require a root canal. It’s best to see a dentist as soon as possible.

This has personally happened to me, when I was hit by a car. It’s what made me interested in dentistry. Many of my front teeth were broken off a bit above the gum line and they were bleeding. Root canals were done, and those teeth are still in my  mouth today.

The Jaw Is Damaged

Trauma to the face might also involve a fractured jaw, or a bruise to the jaw joint. This might show up as teeth fitting together differently than they did before.

It is important that anyone who has had trauma to the teeth or jaw see a dentist as soon as possible.