Is the Emergency Room the Right Place for a Dental Emergency?

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Dental Emergency

An increase has been seen in emergency room visits for dental conditions. However, emergency rooms are not well equipped to deal with most dental problems. The emergency room physicians can only provide medication for temporary relief from pain and antibiotics for infection. They cannot treat the underlying problems that caused the pain. A follow-up appointment with a dentist is usually needed to resolve the condition in most cases as well. Establishing a relationship with a dentist where regular preventative care is offered can prevent many routine issues from becoming an emergency. Also, your dentist will have a history with you and will be well equipped to help you if you have any dental issues.

Why are so many people going to the emergency room for dental issues? 

People 65 and older are the most likely group of people to visit an emergency room. However, those 18-44 are most likely there because of dental pain or other dental issues. This is very likely because they do not have a regular dentist that they see to get preventative care. Also, they may not have dental coverage or be able to afford proper care. Limited Medicaid and insurance reimbursements also contribute to the difficulty of finding a regular dentist. Most of the dental issues that cause people to go to the hospital are preventable problems. So, patients are able to save money in the long run if they are able to receive regular cleanings and dental check ups.

If you are having a dental emergency, you may contact Dr. Aaron D. Johnson at The Smile Center in Bismarck, ND or, better yet, make an appointment before you have an emergency. At The Smile Center, we value our patients and the relationship we have with you. That is why Dr. Johnson is available to take your phone calls after hours if you are having an emergency.