Letter To Concerned Teeth, From A Dentist

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Dear Dr: We’re not getting taken care of very well. Please help us. The Teeth.


Dear Dr,

We’re not getting taken care of very well. Please help us.

— The Teeth


I’m sorry that you aren’t being maintained as well as you should be. I feel your pain.

The surfaces between each of you are not getting cleaned, and we both know that that will lead to fillings. Those fillings will fail — one may already have — and that will lead to crowns. Crowns are great for kings, but I know you’d prefer to avoid them. Those crowns may lead to root canals and eventually some of you will fall out.

It’s tough to lose friends like that.

Preventing disease is a much better goal than curing it once it has taken hold, I think you can agree. Vaccination has saved many more people than doctors ever could. That is why we focus on prevention, and that’s why you teeth have come to me.

I agree. You all need more frequent cleanings, and your owner needs a bit better instruction on the proper flossing and brushing techniques. We need to find a way for your owner to actually take ownership of you so that she can be a part of maintaining you. I will continue to provide your owner with the best resources possible, but ultimately the benefit and loss will be hers.

Not one of us wants to focus on fixing what is broken instead of preventing the damage in the first place. I know we all agree on that. We need to find a way to get your owner to take better care of you, so that you don’t leave.

She’ll sure miss you when you’re gone.