Macrophage At War With An Abscess

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There’s a war zone in your mouth.

It’s a war zone in here.

Here I am, on my mission, about to be sent to the front lines in an epic battle that has dragged on for far too long. We can’t win this unless something changes.

I am a macrophage, the suicide bomber of the immune system.

I eat bacteria, and then destroy them by an oxidative process that will take my own life, too. What makes this sacrifice difficult is that I know my short life is going to be spent in a futile cause.

In the briefing room, I learned all I needed to know. Bacteria slipped through our defenses and got into the root of a tooth by the blood stream. We do not know the source of the decay, nor where it came from.

Once there, the bacteria quickly defeated the defenses we had stationed there. The blood supply is weak inside teeth, and the mighty juggernaut of the immune system needs good supply lines. Oxygen is our weapon, and how we triumph over bacteria. It kills them, and it strengthens us. No blood supply, no oxygen.

The bacteria killed all the cells inside the tooth, causing it to die. Then they started pushing out the tip, forming an abscess. The blood supply is better here, and we have them contained in a pocket. But the bacteria are relentless! They are trying to break through, building up pressure in the abscess, hoping it will explode.

This can’t happen.

If the abscess pops into the mouth, the pressure will be relieved and the pain will go away, but if it pops under the tongue it could cause swelling, cutting off the airway and killing our master and home — the body.

The only way to win this war is to clean out the source of bacteria inside the tooth and only a root canal treatment will do that. I hope the pain the master feels from the pressure will cause him to seek treatment soon.

Otherwise, disaster could happen.