Pregnancy Gingivitis

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Take care of your teeth during pregnancyWomen experience many changes during pregnancy, including changes in their dental health. Many women will experience pregnancy gingivitis, a swelling of the gums, as well as increased sensitivity in their gums.

In severe cases of pregnancy gingivitis, an overgrowth on the gum tissue, called a ‘pregnancy tumor’, may occur, most often in the second trimester.  This is a non-cancerous growth or swelling that can usually be found between the teeth and is related to too much plaque. It will appear red and raw-looking, and will bleed very easily. Most often, a pregnancy tumor will disappear after a women delivers her baby, but if there is a concern, contact your dentist for evaluation.

Women will have many changes in their dental health during pregnancy and it is best to continue your regular dental check-ups during this time.