Tooth Extraction

Post Op Care Instructions

Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the post-operative instructions we go over in the office. We understand that having a tooth extracted can be very stressful, so we just want to follow up with a few suggestions to help make your recovery more comfortable.

  • For 48 hours, avoid intense rinsing, spitting, sucking through a straw, or smoking. It is okay, however, to gently rinse with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoon in 8 ounces of warm water) to soothe your gums
  • Apply an ice pack to take down any swelling
  • Take your medication until it’s gone, following instructions precisely
  • The socket may ooze for up to 24hrs, if it bleeds excessively, relieve bleeding by placing a rolled piece of gauze against the area for about 30 minutes, if the socket is still bleeding after this place a wet tea bag over the site and bite on it for 30 min, if it is still bleeding call the office at 701-258-1321 and follow emergency instructions.

You should be fully recovered in a few days, but if you experience abnormal pain or if something seems wrong, please call the office at 701-258-1321.  If after hours, Dr. Johnson’s cell phone number is on the answering machine message.