Staying Fit And Healthy During Pregnancy

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pregnant-exerciseBeing pregnant is an exciting time for any mom-to-be, and you know that staying healthy during this time is extremely important. It is also possible to stay fit, too, and there are benefits for both baby and mom in doing so.

Eating foods from each of the food groups is important; you want to get all the necessary nutrients. You will also want to increase your daily caloric intake by about 200 – 300 calories. The main concern is that you are taking in enough vitamins and minerals for two. Your doctor may prescribe supplements and direct you towards the optimal diet and caloric intake necessary for you during your entire pregnancy.

There are foods that we normally consider healthy (like seafood) that pregnant women need to be cautious about consuming. Some seafood contains increased levels of mercury, so ask your doctor about what you should or should not eat. It goes without saying that consuming alcohol is a no-no during pregnancy, but there are other beverages you might not have given a second thought to, such as avoiding caffeine found in soda and tea. Skip the herbal tea, too, not because of caffeine but because of the effects that it might cause. Drink plenty of water instead of other beverages.

It is tempting to use pregnancy as an excuse to overeat or become sedentary, but for those moms-to-be who are active and want to stay fit and feel good during pregnancy, it is a viable option. Certain exercise regimens can help achieve this, but you must speak with your doctor regarding exercise so that you know it is safe for both you and baby. While you will likely avoid high-impact exercise, staying active with walking and other forms of low-impact exercise (like swimming) will have benefits in the long run.

As always, talk to your doctor. He or she will be the best source for advice on nutrition and health during this exciting time. And, don’t forget to talk to your dentist, too. Protecting your teeth during pregnancy is also an important consideration.