The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

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iStock_000015278456SmallHere at The Smile Center, we use Digital X-Rays because of the many benefits to our patients. First of all, they take much less time to acquire. Traditional film x-rays may take as much as 10-15 minutes to develop. Whereas, digital x-rays are available to show to a patient almost immediately. This allows us at The Smile Center to reduce the appointment time for the patient because we know how busy you are and how valuable your time is.

Secondly, digital x-rays allow us to enhance and enlarge the image easily so that we can discuss a treatment plan with patients and use the visual of the x-ray. Film x-rays may be as small as a 2 inch square and very difficult to see. Digital x-rays can be displayed on a large computer monitor and magnified to highlight certain areas of the mouth that the dentist may see an issue.

One of the biggest concerns some patients have about x-rays is the exposure to radiation that they receive. This is where digital x-rays really shine. Radiation exposure can be reduced by as much as 85% when using digital x-rays compared to traditional film x-rays. This allows us at The Smile Center to keep our patients safe as well as getting the best information we can to provide good oral health. It is very common to need to retake x-rays, and because we use digital x-rays, our patients are not exposed to unnecessary radiation.

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