What Are Mini Dental Implants?

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Mini Dental implants are small diameter implants that are a fraction of what an implant would be in diameter. They act as a post that can support a denture, or they can act as the root of a tooth.

Mini Dental Implant Procedure

In my office, I usually use local anesthesia. This means less trauma, less pain, and a quicker healing time for the patient.

Mini Dental Implant Benefits

There are several benefits to a mini dental implant. Often, they can be used to stabilize dentures or teeth the same day of placement. They work in situations where traditional implants would not work. They are a quick, less expensive alternative that require a less extensive surgery. Most patients can expect a one to two hour appointment for a mini dental implant.

Mini Dental Implants And Smoking

A smoker should consider quitting smoking if they are looking at an implant placement, whether it is mini or traditional. The reason is that their body is spending so much energy on the respiratory tract that other parts of the body get neglected, like the mouth. This leads to a longer healing time and greater chance of implant failure.

Talk to your dentist to see if a mini dental implant is right for you.