What Can I Do About Bad Breath?

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Have you checked your breath lately? No one wants bad breath, but it can be a common problem.

What is bad breath?

I like to break bad breath up into two groups. The first would be bad breath caused by strong taste or odors in foods, like garlic or onions. The other cause of bad breath is bacteria. Bacteria synthesizes sulphur compounds in our mouth, making our breath stink.

What do I do to end bad breath?

A lot of people look to mouthwash as a solution to bad breath. It’s good, and it can work in certain situations because it can help cleanse the mouth and rinse away some of the excess food that’s in there. It will also kill some bacteria.

The problem is, mouthwash won’t reach deep into the biofilm, a layer of film on our teeth where bacteria live and grow. For dealing with bad breath, I recommend brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental visits. These get into and clean away that biofilm on our teeth that’s producing all the bacteria.

After a meal, sugarless gum, as well as celery and carrots, can help rinse the mouth and cleanse some of the bacteria away. Also, rinsing your mouth after eating helps.