What Can I Do About Canker Sores?

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Today we will talk about canker sores, or cold sores, which are actually two different things.

Cold Sores Are Caused By Viruses

With cold sores, stress or trauma is the cause. It’s a viral reaction from the viruses that can live in the cells in our mouth and lips. When we are under stress, for example, exposure to cold air, it can activate these viruses. This causes the sore. Our immune system gets it under control eventually, but the virus still lives in our cells.

Canker Sores Are An Autoimmune Reaction

Canker sores are thought of being an autoimmune reaction, where our body’s own immune system will attack the basal membrane which holds our skin, causing a sore. Canker sores affect approximately 17% of the population. They can be associated with diseases such as lupus and are usually inherited. These ulcers may begin with a burning or tingling sensation in an area of inflammation and take two to three days to form completely. Despite the discomfort, they are not a significant risk to your health.

If you do have a problem with cold sores or canker sores, and you’re worried about it, please see a dentist.