What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Cosmetic DentistryThe term Cosmetic Dentistry is used a lot at the Dental Office, but what does it really mean? Cosmetic Dentistry simply refers to any dental procedure that improves the appearance of someone’s teeth, gums, or bite. Some common procedures included in cosmetic dentistry are Bleaching, Bonding, Contouring and Reshaping, Crowns, and Veneers.


Bleaching is a chemical procedure that is used to whiten teeth. Teeth often become discolored over time because of  stains, eating habits or other factors. At The Smile Center we offer both in-office or at-home bleaching services that can significantly brighten your smile.


Bonding uses a composite resin to fill in gaps between teeth or to whiten them. It can also be used to fix chipped teeth or a minor decay. The nice thing about bonding is that it can be completed in one dental visit and it may last several years. Although, it may be more vulnerable to chipping or staining than other cosmetic dental procedures.


Many people also call crowns, caps. A crown is placed over a tooth to create a more normal appearance. These can be used to replace a tooth that is fractured, discolored, misshapen, or has a large amount of decay. The positive thing about crowns is that they can last much longer and are more permanent. Because of this, they are more expensive and require at least two visits to the dental office.


A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain or plastic that is placed over the front of teeth to alter their color or shape.  Veneers can help with uneven surfaces, to correct chipped, discolored or crooked teeth. A dentist usually needs more than one visit to place veneers, but they are less expensive than other cosmetic procedures. They also may last longer than using a bonding resin.

What Cosmetic Dentistry is Right For Me?

At The Smile Center, we offer our patients a Free Consultation to see what is the best treatment option. Each patient is unique and we strive to create a personalized plan that fits your schedule and your budget.

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