What oral health problems do adolescents face?

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Many adult oral health problems begin in adolescence. Irreversible tissue damage often begins at this time, and puberty can affect the growth of bone, connective tissue and gums.

In addition, a number of unique dental problems are tied to adolescence. For example, oral piercings can cause tooth and gum erosion along with inflammation, infections or allergic reactions if surgical stainless steel jewelry isn’t used or if the piercing isn’t properly cared for. Eating disorders, which appear most often during adolescence, can also cause tooth enamel erosion, as well as cavities, sensitive teeth, mouth infections, and dry mouth.

Of all age groups, adolescents have the highest cavity rates due to poor eating habits, so proper oral care is especially important. Besides fluoridation, oral hygiene, and diet management, regular dental visits can help prevent and treat cavities.