Which type of toothpaste is best for my teeth?

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A variety of toothpastes line store shelves, from anti-plaque and tartar control, to those designed for whitening and sensitive teeth. With so much to choose from, selecting the right type for your teeth can be a challenge.

Tarter-removing toothpaste is best for people age 6 and older. Those susceptible to canker sores should avoid tarter-removing toothpaste, as the ingredient pyrophosphate can cause canker sores and tissue tenderness.

Watch out for stannous fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash, as it may produce surface stains on teeth. Sodium hexametaphosphate is often added to these products to counter the staining; however, it can cause tooth sensitivity.

People with exposed root surfaces or crown and bridgework may want to use desensitizing toothpaste. The most effective over-the-counter desensitizing toothpastes contain potassium nitrate and should not contain baking soda,
whitening agents or mouthwash, which hinder the desensitizing