Why Do We Need Dental X-Rays? Are They Safe?

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In my office, we use a digital dental x-ray system. It uses one fourth of the radiation of what we would normally have to use for a regular dental x-ray.

What is an X-Ray?

It’s important to understand what radiation is. Radiation is a term that applies to the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is something that is all around us. It describes visible light, and even what we receive through our radios and WiFi.

Why Do Dentists Use X-Rays?

Dentists use x-rays for a number of reasons. They allow us to see between the teeth and catch decay when it’s small and less expensive to repair. They also allow us to see the root of the tooth so that we can make sure everything is going well there. Lastly, it aids in cancer detection. The earlier cancer is found, the better the survival rate.

I encourage regular dental x-rays to my patients, so that we can control any decay that they might have in the least expensive way possible.