Will I Lose My Teeth When I Get Older?

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My grandmother had a lot of extensive dental work done when she was in her early 80’s. She told me that one of the reasons she did it is that, as she matures, there are several things that she loses the enjoyment of. Because of the dental work, she’s been able to have teeth that don’t fall out, and she doesn’t have to worry about them when she chews. She’s been able to maintain a healthy diet and an enjoyment for food that she wouldn’t otherwise have.

Times Have Changed

It is not inevitable that people will lose their teeth as they age. Tooth loss incidents generally increase with age, but today’s adults are more likely to keep their teeth for their entire lifetime than they were even just ten years ago.

Effects On Overall Well-Being

Half of people over age 55 have periodontitis, or a swelling of the gums. It’s that much more important that they work to maintain their teeth. Loose or missing teeth can often restrict diets and impact nutrition. And, as mentioned before, it can take some of the enjoyment out of life.

Risk Factors For Tooth Loss

There are several things that can cause tooth loss in mature adults. Poor dental health, and medications (which can cause dry mouth and soft tissue changes), as well as hormonal changes can carry a higher risk of periodontal disease.

As always, regular dental checkups and preventative care are the best bet to avoiding tooth loss and decay at any age.